Our Mission

We believe it is our duty to repair and enhance the human / canine relationship through education, training, and fun. Our duty extends to both human and canine. It centers not only on excellent service to our customers but also doing what is in the best interest of both canine and human. We do this by providing only quality services that are positive and in accordance with the newest standards, techniques, and styles.

Our Values

Our Values serve as a compass; directing our actions and guiding us in the world.

Education - Know of what you speak and teach others. Learn where you lack and improve.

Leadership - Demonstrate what is possible, and help others to move forward.

Patience - Take your time. All things are difficult before they become easy.

Integrity - Choose your thougts and actions based on value not personal gain.
Accountability - If it is meant to be, then it is up to me.

Passion - Do what you love. Love what you do.

Kindness - Treat all living things with compasison.

Quality - Give it your best and no less.


Our Vision

We seek to help others to the best of our capabilities. To teach humans and dogs to live together, to meet our mutual needs. To train canines to be a daily part of our lives and community. To rehabilitate human and dog alike so that we may all live in harmony with ourselves and each other.

Meet the Trainer

Damon got his start as a dog trainer as a hobbyist. At a young age he enjoyed training the family dog simple tricks like roll over and balancing food on the nose. Growing up, the family always had a multitude of dogs of various breeds some of which were Spitz, Labradors, German Shepherds, Cattle Dogs, Heelers, and Jack Russell Terriers. 


After pursuing a career in Technical Arts, Damon decided to refocus his career toward his passion. He went back to school at Animal Behavior College and earned his ABC Certified Dog Trainer certificate, formalizing his training techniques and his study of cynology. He founded Phoenix Canine Services in 2013 and hopes to use the company to help dogs find a better place in the community. 


Damon is a "hands off" force free trainer that focuses on effective communication with the animals. He works with dogs on their level using their natural language. He uses only the latest scientifically proven techniques, and strives to push the boundaries of the human - canine relationship which he believes transcends the old "pack structure" training system. He stays on top of the latest ideas by attending seminars, reading any resource available, and collaborating with leading trainers in the field to constantly expand his knowledge of training techniques, and canine behavior.


He now trains group classes, and private lessons in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of Texas. In his spare time he works with his two Border Collies, Jessie and Doug, to continue to hone his techniques. He also attends canine sporting events like dock diving, disc dog, and lure coursing where he and his dogs love to compete.

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